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Sep 30, 2014

Two sewing machines gone, two more heading out.

This morning as I sipped my coffee and glanced at the sewing table in the corner of my kitchen, I had an epiphany: 

I cannot -- will not -- sew amid this kind of clutter anymore.

Now, less than twelve hours later, I've already sold one sewing machine, taken another to the thrift store, and have two more posted on Craigslist.  It feels great and I've made $40 so far.

These are history:

Things are looking much better, though I still have a ways to go.  (That's the same table!)

Now this is not my primary sewing area, but I do use it.  It's where my Singer 15-91 lives, and I used the Singer a lot to make my parka.  Can you imagine trying to work in that hellish environment?  No more.

In other news, I've received the rest of my outerwear patterns.  Today I bought some fabric for the Green Pepper pullover (below), which I will henceforth call an anorak.  Some people call what I consider a parka an anorak.  I, however, call a parka a parka.  To me, an anorak is something you pull over your head and it has a hood.  This.

With fabric, I wanted to go either classic or over-the-top.  I opted for over-the-top, partly because my parka was classic enough, but also because I couldn't find anything classic in colors I liked.  Here are a few things I considered today:

Metallic coated nylon!

When I crushed the fabric in my hand, it didn't return to its original state and I wasn't sure how it would wrinkle (or unwrinkle).  I doubt I'd want to iron that.  Plus, let's face it: it's a little Tin Woodsman-sy.

I liked this nylon print...

But it seemed a little drab somehow.

OTOH, this blue was vivid:

But it was rubbery feeling and I was afraid it wouldn't breathe at all.

Then I saw this psychedelic cotton/nylon blend:

Bingo!  I bought two and a half yards.  What I love is that it has a classic 60/40, cotton/nylon outerwear feel, and that it's kind of acid-trippy.

I may get started as early as tomorrow.  It's time for some genuine male pattern BOLDNESS. 

Have a great day, everybody!

Sep 28, 2014

The Secret Dressing Room Selfies!

Readers, I know it's wrong -- or is it wrong?

Sep 25, 2014

"And a Child Shall Lead Them" + Rita Moreno!

Friends, if you really want to make a six-year-old's day, let her walk your chihuahua.

Sep 24, 2014

Post-Parka Depression + So You Want To Sew a Men's Parka...

OK, so actually, I'm not experiencing post-parka depression but the title sounded intriguing.

If truth be told, however, I have been in a mild funk for more than a month now, and the parka project helped lift me out of it.  The challenge now is to stay out of it.  Sewing helps.

Sep 23, 2014

Peter Models the Completed Mountain Parka!

Friends, today is the first day of fall (Happy fall!) and my parka is finished.

You can see me model it here.

Sep 20, 2014

Parka Post #3 - Hoods, Cuffs + Baby's First Grommet

Friends, at last I can see the light at the end of the tunnel vis-a-vis this parka project.  If I had my snaps in hand, I could probably finish tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for them to arrive in the mail, so Monday at the earliest.

Sep 18, 2014

Sep 16, 2014

Parka Project Post #1 - Pockets

The parka project has commenced.

Sep 14, 2014

My Mojo Says "Parka"

My mojo has returned.  It's not quite as strong as it could be but I'll take what I can get.

Sep 12, 2014

Inspiration Post: Harper's Bazaar, June 1955

I may be on a temporary sewing hiatus, but I'm certainly not on an inspiration hiatus.

Sep 10, 2014

FIVE TIPS for Downsizing Your Fabric Stash (or anything else)

Digging out the bedroom: there's a bed under there somewhere!

Despite my having written many posts about decluttering, one of the areas I've never tackled is my fabric stash.

Sep 6, 2014

The Mystery of the Missing Mojo

Readers, I can't explain it.

Sep 3, 2014

NAME THAT PATTERN: End-of-Summer Edition!

Friends, now that it's back-to-school season, it's time to put our thinking caps back on and play another round of MPB's exclusive pattern-naming game, NAME THAT PATTERN!

Sep 1, 2014

What I Did On My Summer Vacation + New Patterns

I'm back from the Cape, readers!

Aug 22, 2014

Swimsuits 2, 3, & 4 (including Michael's Marc Jacobs Floral Print Square Cut)

Readers, in one of those "only could happen to Peter" moments of which I experience so many, I was walking the dogs yesterday when what do I discover discarded at a nearby curb but a pile of clean swimwear knit remnants (above).  I took it as a sign that I am aligned with my purpose.
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